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Toronto Wedding Florist makes every effort possible to obtain all the flowers contained in each wedding flower arrangement presented on this site. However, there may be certain circumstances where one or more flowers can not be obtained before your wedding day. Our aim is to let you know ahead of time of any difficulties obtaining a particular flower and recommending an alternate or backup option in the event that your first choice can not be obtained. This page presents some considerations regarding availability of a certain flower.

Supplier Inventory

If you order flower arrangements on short notice (for instance, less than a week before your wedding day), our suppliers may not have one or more flowers currently in stock that can be quickly picked-up on the fly. We strongly recommend that you order flower arrangements at least three weeks before the wedding day. This gives us ample time to contact our suppliers, order the flowers contained in the arrangements, and obtain them from our suppliers. If you have left it late to order flower arrangements for your wedding, we will try to help you with the flowers that we currently have in our fridges.

Seasonal Limitations

Many flowers shown in arrangements presented on this are available any time of the year. However, there are other flowers that are only available at certain times of the year. The most common example of a flower that is available during a certain time of the year is tulips. Tulips are only available during the spring season unless growers determine a high level of demand for tulips at other times of the year. Toronto Wedding Florist will clearly convey to you if a flower is not in season.

Inclement Weather

Even when a flower is in season, inclement weather conditions may result in a flower not being available. Since some flowers are grown outside the Greater Toronto area, poor weather occurring in other regions could prevent us from obtaining a particular flower even though weather conditions in the Greater Toronto area may be relatively calm. Toronto Wedding Florist will make every effort to inform you of problems obtaining a certain flower due to weather conditions. We will try to get the same flower from a grower in a part of the world that was not affected by the inclement weather.

Transportation Issues

Since some flowers are grown outside the Greater Toronto area, transportation problems may result in a particular flower not being available. Note that flowers imported from outside Canada are subject to custom checks that may prevent or delay a certain shipment from reaching its destination. Toronto Wedding Florist will make every effort to obtain flowers delayed by transportation issues from another supplier before the wedding day.