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Toronto Wedding Florist contains hundreds of wedding flower arrangements from which you can create a portfolio of arrangements for your big day. This site presents three different ways to order wedding arrangements.

Select Individual Arrangement

The Bride, Bridesmaids, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Table Centerpieces, Altar Arrangements, and Other Pieces sections of this web site contain an array of flower arrangements illustrating different designs and colour combinations. It is recommended that you browse through these sections to get an idea as to what is available.

If you need a single piece to round off your set of flower arrangements for the big day, click on the shopping cart icon in one of the above sections to open a form that allows you to order the selected arrangement.

Select from Wedding Package

Typically, you will need a collection of different flower arrangements for your wedding. Toronto Wedding Florist presents a number of set packages that combine wedding arrangements where the designs and colours complement each other. After selecting a package, you can choose how many of each arrangement in the package you want.

To select and order a set of arrangements within a package, click here or select Wedding Packages > Select and Order from the main menu above.

Created Customized Wedding Package

After browsing through the different set packages on this web site, you may want to select and order wedding arrangements from more than one package. In this case, Toronto Wedding Florist allows you to create a customized package consisting of any flower arrangements presented on this site. You can mix and match designs and colours to create a package that is just for you.

To create and order a customized package of flower arrangements, click here or select Wedding Packages > Create and Order from the main menu above.